Friday, January 17, 2014

On war

This is not exactly easy for me, but this here is not about easy. I´d love to live in a world at peace, where every being gets the respect it deserves. I believe that this could be possible. I do not buy in to the apocalyptic mindset. I find personally that believers in the apocalyptic religions simply do not try hard enough to make this world a better place. And this is due to hate, greed, and many other sentiments often referred to as cardinal sins but otherwise not treated to a thorougher consideration. That has always been thusly. And because they feel that their behaviour will lead o their own extinction, they blame it all on God or whatever they call the deity.

This would not make me care a runny shit, but they strive with force majeure to establish this belief in everyone else. To make that clear, on what path I am:

I believe that every soul is old and young at the same time. Each and every soul has a task to fulfill. I believe that animals and plants have souls of their own, alien to our agnition, but souls nonetheless. This task is primarily about filling the space in creation, but also about keeping a gentle watch for making things grow. We all, humans, animals, plants alike strive against the becoming of materia ultima and yearn for the state of ultimate spirit. Materia Ultima is the bringer of decay to the dream that is the world of souls and the dream of the world. It is neither light nor darkness, neither good nor evil, and neither their balance, but decay in itself, and not the end of the universe, but its stagnation.

I do not know if it is Evil. But it has many tricks to deceive creation, and I personally believe that what has been called the demiurgos is a part of it. I have found an older name for it: Vrtra or uartreach, the deceiver, but it is not its name, for it cannot bear a name, for names decay in its very face.

This is the ultimate enemy for me, and it dwells and thrives also in my own self, and I have not thought for a long time about other enemies. I have practiced the martial arts long enough to realize that war and violence can only be ultima ratio, and not be applied but when all other means fail.

We live in a society that offers a lot of comfort. We have achieved a lot of good things. We in Western society lived in peace for nearly a hundred years now. We have forgotten that this comes at a prize. We have forgotten that we had to stay sharp in the everyday conflict to strive for becoming a better keeper of the world, to remain worthy. We forgot to work on ourselves, and we thought ourselves to be better than the rest of the world. And we were made to believe that we were superior to other peoples, and those other peoples were madeslaves to satisfy our ever-growing needs. We were made to believe we could buy moods, and dreams, and told to forsake our true dreams. And our hands were filled with crap for it, crap out of plastic, with colours too bright, and those were thus bright to conceil the decay of our souls that had to come with it. For instance, it is hard to get a fire going every morning in the shivering cold. But then you will know warmth far better and appreciate a fire far more, and be grateful for it. You could see beyond the temperature and the technical devices to become aware of yourself and your soul and dreams. We are accustomed to always be surrounded by TV blathering, music and sound, and we cannot endure silence anymore. This slowly kills our soul, to a degree that those who state that there is no soul actually are right, as far as they themselves are concerned. And here is the culprit, and the reason I started this blog:

They have given in to the forces of grey.

And they have the firepower to establish their belief, for a belief it is, a belief that is deeply rooted in the apocalyptic religions, but has since far transcended them and forsaken them in favour of a universal indifference.

War is never a solution. But a dream is, and a path. And, even if it is not always becoming clear, I am on a path.

It is a warrior´s path, and it is a spiritual martial art, that is rooted in the fictional, but has roots also in reality. Let me explain this.

When I first started to write the Black Book Of The AI - Uigeann- Fearh, it was but a name, and it grew to be a tree. You can easily imagine that the art is a tree, and that it has three roots. One in the earth, one in the sky, and one in a torrent of water. Meaning: I come from a background of learning and experiencing, and I felt inspired to be washed up to this fiction. But not all of it was fictitious, and I could not make those parts out when writing. Others were fiction, and they somehow melted into each other. Being less careful with words such as these I could give in to megalomania, and state I am a prophet, but this I am not. I am a human being just like everyone else. But, we are made to believe a whole pile of rubbish by media, just for the sake of profit, well, I thought, then this fiction has a right to be of its own.

I want to go to a detail that is taken for granted here: That a fiction is, well, a fiction, a fancy of the mind. But I have on another occasion already talked about the concept of the fictional, of "illo tempore" and "Haec tempore". Simply said, you want to build a garden shed. You got a bulding site in a garden, and have taken into account all the details, and then you start dreaming. You make some sketches, then get your building material, and then you get on with building the thing, and after that a dream, a mere fancy has become reality and truth, and even any sceptic would say it is a reality. To achieve your dream come true you need skill, practice, and experience, prowess and resilience. This is the root of the earth. The root of the sky is the inspiration. The flow is, to go with the process, even starting it, and bending to the circumstances. There are other roots, but this is how Grimsarksberarmál begins, and also the art of the AI - uigeann - Fearh. It is, to date, only me, and maybe the partner of my soul. This is where the war begins that has started in the dawn of time, "in a time, when time was not", and that will presumeably never end. It is the dragon´s ire, golden and red, green and blue, against the maggot of grey, and it is situated in the greyest time this world has ever seen.

Might be we will lose, but if we don´t fight, we have already done so.

The sword I have long been reluctant to forge will be forged.