Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doom, again.

Oh please.

People keep talking about the rout of mankind, of the doom of civilization, of the earth. Of the return of the dragon, of aliens coming to conquer this earth, and whatnot.

In 2000, it was the whole Y2K mess. We are still living. It was the prophecy of Nostradamus, too.

And that makes for as fine example. Nostradamus HAD written about fothcoming events, and HAS predicted a lot of events that might be translated as those we have come to see as pivotal for the world we live in. But he never said it like all those funny, colourful books want make us to believe. His premonitions are symbolical and highly metaphorical and thusly intelligible only to a learned sage, and, that´s the culprit, to one that can understand the grammar of his writings, how they were conceived and laid to words. This is crucial to the understanding of any prophecy. To agnize the works of Nostradamus, we must think like Nostradamus.

I am not saying 21st of December will not be pivotal for our history. Any day can be, and especially the darkest night of the year. But I cannot say whether the world will be a fireball afterwards. There certainly will be no zombie apocalypse, but I cannot say nothing will happen.

But I cannot say that anything will happen in spite of the days getting longer again.

Because to read a Maya calendar and a Maya prophecy I would have to think like a Maya.

So, keep your survival kit where it always is, your provisions and victualies well stocked, and have a party afterwards. But do not panic and give in to that media hype hysteria.

All will be good.