Friday, February 3, 2012

Given to the winter solstice in the year of the serpent: A new and spiritual blog.

Some of you might know me as Fimbulmyrk. I have a close affinity to nature, and so I am known for my blacksmithing and bushcraft, my hiking and my mountainbiking exploits. This will not be affected by this blog.

But I realized that some contents might not get the place they deserve, and those contents might not suit everyone. I have realized, too, that I am on a slightly unusual path, when my spirituality is concerned. I normally despise people who spill their innards on the web. So why do I write this blog?

This is a good question.

There are mny spiritual paths in human society, and while aspects of many of them serve as a means of oppression, I do not want to offend anyone. It is not my path. There are radical Christians, Muslims, even Buddhists, Capitalists and Communists destroying the world and their fellow humans in the name of their religion.

Oi there, give me a break, Capitalism a religion? If you look closely, you will find, that the criterium of "religio", "intense dedication" might apply to the latter. As many others, I was being frustrated with the leaders of my religion, which was Capitalistic Christianity. I was not fond of the strong preying on the meek, the shepherds abusing the children coming to them for learning. I was not enthused about the way Christianity has treated criticism throughout history. It is a Barbaric way of doing things, burning the opposition, killing those who have different names for the deity, and a way of doing things Christ would not have approved of, either.

And I realized the church was yet another political institution.

And as I realized the church was no longer my institution of choice, I asked myself where I belonged. I doubted anything. I lived in the woods then, and I realized that things made sense. Everything made sense in the woods. As it made sense in the universe. There had to be a law, and thusly, intelligence. I realized soon, that this intelligence was far more than I could comprehend. I read myths from any religion or philosophy I could lay my hands on. I have delved deep into Norse and Celtic mythology. It led my to the mythology of the Far East. That led me to modern, Freudian and Jungian psychology and the philosophy of Willhelm Reich. I paid visits to Rosicrucian, Freemason, BahaiÚlla, Mormon, Scientological, Anthroposophian and Theosphian lectures. I studied ancient German, English, Hittite, Celtic and Scandinavian literature. I studied divination and alchemy. I have studied martial and occult  arts from ancient books few at the university even knew were existent, including the teachers. I am a blacksmith that made his first damascus with a dirt forge. And I have always asked questions and was always open.

That is not to brag, for I am not proud of that.

For it was there the whole time. I looked into myself and found my way. I simply made it up. It is a dream, and I wrote a fantasy novel about it.

So please take this in this way: I am aware this is not the end of all wisdom. I welcome anyone to discuss with me. Any respectful comment is welcome. But also take note: I have this from my inspiration. I hope to make clear what this means to me. And it means more to me than just something I make up.

So why do I write this blog?

I hope to manage that you´ll find out.

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